05 October, 2009


Letting Go
by Judy Burnette

How do you walk away from someone you love
And take the road of friend;
Can you reroute the course you have taken
And start over once again?

I don't really want to let you go
But inside me I know I must;
The times we've loved . . . the times you've left
My heart says stay . . . but it's my mind I must trust.

We have shared so much together
Laughter . . . fun times . . . tears;
Yet sometimes we can't turn back time
We must walk away, and allow ourselves to heal.

I know one day you will be happy
And your soulmate you will find;
I know we each have one out there
Even if for now . . . only in our minds.

May life be gentle with you
May God's best come your way;
And on some quiet tomorrow
You will realize things were better this


Scorpion61 said...

There r time when we feel lost n missing someone...! -IP-

~0~ said...

cam kena je...

manlaksam said...

Pak Man faham sikit-sikit......

hani@debumelukut said...

tepat.padat.bernas.kena batang hidung ku.

maiyah said...

lego.. lego hehe:D

DaliaLiyana said...

errmm...ni mest ade ape2 kan??

oghe said...

minum air sejuk byk2...


Bismillah ..... Assalamualaikum ..... Lamo benar tok update bloq ni. Kalau bendo hidup , lamo doh mati..... Bukae tok ingat kor bl...